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UCSF-Affiliated, With a Community Focus

The John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Program is an unopposed community-based program, affiliated with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). Through our partnership with UCSF, we offer residents a strong and comprehensive training centered on our Clinic First / Practice PLUS Residency Practice. Clinic First / Practice PLUS means our Residency Practice is the centerpiece of our program---all major design and improvement plans evolve around the central continuity relationships with preceptors, staff, and patients in our practice. Our residents receive some of the strongest practice-based training in Family Medicine, yet also receive concentrated and highly supported training in Inpatient Adult Medicine, Inpatient Pediatrics, and Labor and Delivery. We provide our residents with a learning, leading and caring community to expand their capacity to provide exceptional full-spectrum primary, urgent and acute care services in a broad-array of settings.

"John Muir Health was a fantastic site for the family medicine rotation, and I learned so many valuable lessons in patient management from my preceptors. I would highly recommend this site to any of my colleagues in the future.."

J. H. - UCSF 3rd year medical student

Our Clinic First / Practice PLUS Model of training prioritizes the following:

  • Practice comes first. Continuity relationships, full-spectrum family, primary and urgent care clinical skills as well as engagement with our Community Benefits program to assure our residents are actively involved in Mobile Health for under-resourced populations. Our Residency Practice payer mix include 50% Medi-Cal patients and uninsured patients.
  • Partnerships and Teamwork. Learning to partner and be a great team-based family physician takes lots of training, commitment, and practice. Our Practice is team-based and our partnerships stem from patients, to other professionals and our broader community-based organizations.
  • Leadership & Advocacy. We are one of the few Family Medicine programs with extensive hands-on and didactic leadership training—including our recently added Resident Leadership Development Track---assuring our graduates are ready to take on the leadership challenges in healthcare in an effective way. Leadership also includes Advocating for our patients, from the practice to the halls of Congress.
  • U You matter to us. Wellbeing is a Community undertaking. We must feel safe, secure and supported to feel well. We must have limits on our workload and learn how to ask for help when we feel overwhelmed. Residency is one of the most challenging yet important transformations in our careers and our program goes the extra mile to make sure you can become a strong and healthy team-based family physician.
  • Scholarly Improvement. Our residents help us create and improve our program through Scholarly Improvement projects, as well as community-focused projects geared to improve the health of our communities. We have examples of legacy Scholarly Improvement projects like Happy Feet and MAT training which all started with a resident’s project.

We are highly confident our Residency Program provides the breadth and depth you will need to be a highly-effective, team-based Family Physician, ready to learn, lead and care for whichever community you choose to serve after graduation.

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We are happy to introduce our sixth class of Family Medicine residents.

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