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Health Systems Management Training

We believe leadership development and health systems management are vital skills for our residents to begin to master during their training with us. In these times of often fragmented healthcare, Family Physicians have a unique and powerful perspective across the entire healthcare spectrum, making us well-suited to leadership roles with impact from bedside to boardrooms and from practices to policy-makers. It can be challenging to know what level of leadership to take on, so we work to help you develop the vital skills that can help you become a more effective leader at any level. These skills include effectively leading small-groups and teams in meetings and projects and engaging in Residency leadership roles in curriculum development & improvement, Practice Management and scholarly improvement projects in our Residency Practice, Program, QI/PI, and Community organizations.

We help you develop these vital leadership & management skills via regular Thursday afternoon workshops, hands-on QI/PI projects focused on improving our Residency Practice, team-building workshops, and Practice Management training during Team-Based-Care rotations, particularly in the first year.

Our residents also receive regular reports of individual and practice productivity, financial performance, and clinical quality, along with the training needed to analyze these reports.