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Urgent Care

There is a growing demand for family physicians to work in Urgent Care centers across Health Systems, Retail Clinics, and now even online sources. John Muir Health has been rapidly expanding our own Urgent Care centers across Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

Patient access to effective Urgent Care is a vital component of diminishing excessive use of the Emergency Department and likely reduces unnecessary hospitalizations when patients are able to go from Urgent Care into Primary Care services like our Residency Practice.

Urgent Care provides a unique and rich training experience for residents---learning to develop your intuitive instincts, focused and rapid assessment skills, and ability to care for undifferentiated patients from very diverse backgrounds with a wide array of acute and chronic conditions. Procedural training is also concentrated in the Urgent Care.

We are very fortunate to be partnering with John Muir Medical Group to include our residents in this vibrant learning environment, so you are ready to provide urgent care services in whatever setting you choose to work.