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Women’s Health

The Women’s Health/Procedures rotation is centered around a lifespan theory—that women at each stage of life have unique healthcare needs, and appropriate care in women’s health shifts based on the stage of life the patient is in. Residents have exciting opportunities to learn about women's healthcare needs across their life spectrum, including young adult eating disorders, reproductive health, lactation support, breast health, bone health, and menopause. Residents also have the opportunity to learn and perform common gynecologic procedures, including pap smears, intrauterine device insertion and removal, endometrial biopsies, dilation and curettage, and Nexplanon insertions). Residents are able to care for diverse array of patients, both in our residency practice and in ambulatory community gynecology practices.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide age-appropriate care in women’s health, including periodic gynecologic examinations and preventive care that modifies risk factors for illness and injury and that detects illness in early, treatable stages.
  • Evaluate and manage undifferentiated symptoms in women’s health.
  • Evaluate and manage chronic conditions in women’s health.

Location(s): Various locations, including Family Medicine Residency Practice, Concord Medical Center, and outpatient gynecology offices

Distance from Family Medicine Residency Practice: All within 0.0 m – 6.0 m

Women’s Health Sample Schedule, Education Experiences:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Gyn Clinic Labor and Delivery Continuity Clinic Gyn Clinic Gyn Clinic
PM Gyn Clinic Prenatal Clinic Continuity Clinic Workshops Practice Management