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Obstetrics / Newborn

Our first-year obstetrics rotation is integrated with Newborn Care—thus providing our residents with a hands-on training focused on both moms and babies. Our residents receive strong supervision across our OB-Newborn Team of Faculty: OB/Gyn, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Active Management Nurses. Our OB-Newborn Faculty Team teach and supervise in our dynamic, team based Labor and Delivery Unit---guiding residents in common management activities like cervix checks, functional status examination and intrauterine pressure catheter placement, as well as Basic Bedside Ultrasound and non-stress test interpretation, deliveries including caesarean.

Our FM-OB Faculty have extensive experience across all risk levels of OB and actively participate in operative OB, side-by-side with our OB/Gyn Faculty. Our Active Management Nurses teach and guide along with Physician Faculty in cervix checks, fetal scalp electrode placement, and basic bedside ultrasonography.

The rotation combines Team Based Clinic, Residency Practice Pre-Natal Clinic, Perinatology, private OB practices, Labor & Delivery, ED and OR.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Demonstrate history and physical examination, initial management of active labor, bedside procedures, common complications and normal spontaneous vaginal delivery under supervision by Faculty.
  • Use Gnosis strip-reading to assess fetal health and participate in OB Simulation training for Obstetrical Emergencies.
  • Provide Mom-Baby post-partum assessments and therapeutic interventions, including transitions to intensive units and discharge to home.

Location(s): Family Medicine Residency Practice, Walnut Creek Medical Center

Distance from Family Medicine Residency Practice: 0.0 m – 2.7 m

Obstetrics/Newborn Sample Schedule, Education Experiences:    

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM L&D - Nursery & Post-Partum Team Based Clinic L&D - Nursery & Post-Partum
Residency Practice Pre-Natal Clinic L&D - Nursery, FM-OB & OB Faculty
OB Faculty
PM   Team Based Clinic Residency Practice Pre-Natal Clinic
Workshop L&D - Nursery, FM-OB & OB Faculty
OB Faculty